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Christmas Colours?

Christmas Colours?

Christmas Colours?

Christmas Colours?

If you have been anywhere near the shops in the months before Christmas, you can't fail to have noticed that the retail business is in full Christmas mood weeks before the big day itself. Christmas decorations and lights are everywhere, but just what are good Christmas Colours? Christmas decorations and wrapping paper often used to be Red and Green... but times have changed. Blues, Purple, Silver and other much less 'traditional' colours are now being used for all things Christmassy.

Christmas Decorating Principles

In many ways colours are more important than the decorations themselves. People respond to colour in various ways. Figure out which colours make you and your loved ones feel happy, then use those colours for decorating you home at Christmas time.

If you want a stylish mix of colours this Christmas, remember that most colours of equal depth will 'go' well together. Pastels, for example, can be mixed with ease... Pinks, Peaches, Buttermilks, Misty Blues, Lilacs and Mints. Want some more drama? Then try the deep tones of Gold or Silver with Navy and deep Red. Most colours can be combined with White or Ivory, and with metallic tones such as Brass, Gold, Silver, Pewter or Rusted Iron for a harmonious look.

Some of the limitless colour combinations that you could use for Christmas decorations in your home are given below:

Silver - lovely with icy Blues and Lilacs.

White - the religious symbol which stands for light, purity, joy and glory, white robes of Christmas angels. Santa's beard and suit trimmings, Christmas snow flakes. Use White with Silver and Blue - very seasonal.

Ivory - a gorgeous colour with Matt Gold or Sage Green or Pewter.

Red - the colour that is considered to cause the greatest excitement. It is the colour of December and evokes visions such as roaring fires, red holly berries and of Santa Claus. Mix Red with Green or White. As a religious symbol, it stands for fire, blood and charity.

Gold - stands for sunlight and radiance, the colour of the Christmas stars, tinsel, candles, electric lights. Christians who were once pagans saw the new God as they had the sun, a radiant being who lit up the world.

Green - the colour of your Christmas fir tree, is the symbol for nature, youth and the hope of new life. It is for this reason that Christmas is a feast of hope - lighting up dark mid winter, with a newborn child as its central symbol. In winter we tend to gravitate toward warmer tones to light up the long nights - Reds, warm Yellows and Golden or Orangey colours.

You could opt for a Monochromatic Christmas scheme - using only one colour with its variations from light to deep - gorgeous! Add interest to a monochromatic scheme with proportion and texture. Add ribbons, garlands, painted branches and a mixture of shiny and matt finishes with ornaments and decorations of different sizes to add interest.

Start experimenting now!

Not sure what to chose? Browse through Christmas wrapping papers and decorations. Examine the colours that catch your eye. Colour is there to be enjoyed. Your Christmas colour scheme can look wonderful in warm or cool colours. It's your choice. If your favourite decorations are snow themed, why not experiment with icy cool colours such as Blue, Lilac, Silver and White?


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